Knowledge as a part of human resources (HR) in a company is a dynamic category. The requested level of knowledge is continuously increasing and education of employees is essential for achieving the required level. What is the best way to measure the distance between the desired and the current level? How to conduct proper skills analysis?

Sound test of knowledge is an important segment in a process of managing human resources, whether it is a question of entrance testing of a candidate for employment or testing the level of knowledge of persons already employed. Results of those tests are the basis for management’s decision making and support to the process of placing “the right person on the right position”.

Our experts elaborated the system that administers the test of knowledge based on long-year experience in education and testing. In this way, the complete process of testing is covered by means of only one tool and all its elements are put under control.



Why myQtest?

These are the top attributes that makes myQtest one of the leading testing systems on the market:

  • simplicity
  • high security using SSL certificates
  • scalability
  • ECDL approved testing system
  • seamless integration with other systems and business applications (i.e. IBM Workplace Collaborative Learning, …)
  • extensive support
  • several purchasing options (per user, per processor, as a service...)
  • stability
  • speed
  • integrated question creation system
  • integrated exam creation and configuration
  • admin roles system
  • exam recovery feature (in the case that client machine dies in the middle of an exam)
  • extensible results reports and statistics
  • high level of configurability





European Computer Driving Licence - ECDL is the world's leading end-user computer skills certification program available in almost 150 countries. By signing a contract with ECDL foundation in 2004 and system development and adoption in years to come myQtest became certified as the automatic testing system - ATES for ECDL certification exams in 2007. It is important to point out that there are only few ECDL approved ATES systems on the market. Using simulation based testing systems like myQtest, instead of paper exams, users are tested in simulated application environment instead of answering simple questions. Furthermore, automated testing system enables instant exam results instead of waiting for an examiner to examine paper exams. In 2006, on World ECDL forum myQtest received global acknowledgment as one of the best simulation based  testing systems. More data regardin myQtest as ECDL approved testing system can be found here.



Free instant on-line demo

Begin to use our free demo in a blink of an eye, with no endless forms filling required. Just click here and try the system as attendee, examiner, group admin or company admin. You can attend free demo exams, log in as examiner and see results and statistics, or you can relax and walk through our interactive simulations and see for yourself if the system fits your needs.


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