MyQtest - ATES system approved for Syllabus 4.0 and 5.0

As an ECDL Test centre or an ECDL National licensee you certainly want your candidates to use a high quality ATES system. MyQtest system is a testing engine that proved itself as a robust, reliable and simple to use testing system in many companies, universities and other institutions in the last five years. Today, MyQtest system is filled with more than 1000 ECDL questions designed as high quality, detailed, interactive simulations approved for ECDL syllabus 4. Simulations are prepared for Microsoft Office 2003 and office 2007. System is designed and implemented as an Internet application. It’s flexibility, administrative and statistical power grouped on 4 levels enable myQtest to give full control of examination process to: examiner, test centre coordinator, National licensee and ECDL Foundation. System requires only app. 100 kbit/sec for each test station and can be easily operated on slow internet connections (i.e. DSL). ATES system is highly protected with SSL certificates and https protocols to ensure full protection of all candidate details and questions. System can be localized to any language and can be used with no initial costs for National licensee for 2 up to 4 EUR per exam depending on localization costs and market size.

This automated test product has been developed by Algebra ltd. in conjunction with the ECDL Foundation and has been approved for use by candidates sitting ECDL syllabus Version 4 and 5 and is used in Croatia and Slovenia.


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