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Here you can access the testing system and get an overview of the testing environment. You can log in to the real application using attendee or examiner privileges. If you want to see the functionality of the application for group, or company administrator, then select one of the available simulations (Flash player 8 required), or request an advanced demo account via email. You can also view and download a PDF manual for the examiner, and main administrator as well as for ECDL testing system.

To try the system as an examiner, please use the following login information:

Password: examiner

Access the testing system, create a new account and take exams Access the administration interface, set exam availability and access exam statistics
(319 KB ZIP archive) (2,33 MB ZIP archive)    

Interactive Tutorials

Before you apply for an advanced demo account, you can gain insight to the administration interface and administration levels by watching the simulations listed below. To view the simulations please disable your pop-up blocker, because the simulations will be shown in a new window.

Simulation size: 358KB
Description of administration levels
Simulation size: 329KB Description of the log-in procedure
Simulation size: 342KB Description of the group statistics function for the Group Administrator
Simulation size: 475KB Description of question creation for the Company Administrator
Simulation size: 486KB Description of exam creation for the Company Administrator
Simulation size: 393KB Description of company creation for the Main Administrator
Simulation size: 6,74MB Introduction to ATS system (6,74MB)
Simulation size: 5,28MB Taking ECDL exam (5,28MB)
Simulation size: 5,73MB System Administration and Statistics (5,73MB)



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