What Is myQtest?

myQtest is a complex examination system that may be used independently or as a complement to the e-learning system (LMS), human resources management system (HR) or knowledge management system. By arranging the complete educational vertical on a local computer network (LAN) or over the Internet one can achieve significant savings with respect to investing in education.
Return of investment is measurable by time and costs savings that are otherwise necessary for classical education or testing. MyQtest system administrates the whole way from creating each question, exam as well as scoring of individuals and groups of people undergoing examinations and persons conducting the examination process.

Like e-learning, it does not know conventional time and spatial limitations, as it takes place in frames of a local network or Internet. Although it is primarily intended for testing knowledge, flexibility and simple administrative control enable myQtest to serve as a sound tool for public opinion poll, surveying of any kind, interoperation analysis of opinions/attitudes, helping in managerial decision-making...




Whom is myQtest intended for?

MyQtest system is intended for customers having continuous or temporary need for testing/interviewing people. As the application enables control and supervision of extraordinarily large quantity of data, initiator of use of the application will be the management of small, medium or large companies with emphasis on human resources and skills management. In addition to the role within a corporation, myQtest is very valuable also for users as market research agencies, scientific institutions performing tests or interviewing on local, regional and national level (or higher) and universities.





Server system is the basis of the application. It is responsible for generating questions, keeping records on attendants, users administration, definition of questions, giving reports on success of attendants... The mentioned system was developed in Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 environment which enables very complex functionality of the system, easy upgrading and maximum speed.

Application is linked to the data base Microsoft SQL Server, serving for storage of all data necessary for the operation of the system, users data, results of examinations... Server application enables exchange and processing of information through achieved web services. In this way the system administrator may- upon authorization - depending on the level he is authorized for – check examination results through the MS Internet Explorer, as well as create new questions, parameter exams, update users and users groups data, etc. On the other hand, client application developed in Microsoft .NET and Macromedia Flash technology, obtains by applying XML exam parameters for individual user and retransmits results to the server during the examination and upon it’s finishing. Depending on the number of users about to use the system, it could be installed on one single server computer or use the infrastructure of web frame with distributed parts of server’s application to several computers (Web server, Database server and data Server).

MyQtest is built on ASP.NET 2.0 technology which enables seamless integration with other systems using web services and SOAP. Connecting to any other application using any programming language that supports web services and SOAP technologies is fast and doesn't require much development. Very little programming is required to connect MyQtest with any kind of business application. It is already integrated with IBM's LMS system using SCORM e-learning standard and user data can be read from LDAP system (Microsoft Active Directory, IBM LDAP…).





Interface designers were guided by one single objective - simplicity of use. Thanks to easy-to-survey menu arranged in only one level, all commands are available, so that a new user learns very quickly how to use even advanced functions of the application. Design is discreet and in service of usability.
It is particularly important to point out that all texts displayed by the client and administration interface, as well as a logotype could easily be adapted to the needs of the customer, translated in any language etc.

A person undergoing the examination is not required to have any IT knowledge or experience. The design also enables the use of touch screens by attendants in the interest of additional increase of simplicity. The use of application is adapted also to attendants with special needs, people not distinguishing colors etc.





MyQtest user may acquire the complete system and install it on his hardware infrastructure. This way of using it may require certain investments in the infrastructure.

The other way of using the system is leasing it. This way does not require any investment in infrastructure or installing. It is sufficient to have Internet access and the application is executed on our Internet servers.



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