Main features

Here you can find some of the main myQtest features, although many other features are also available. If you are interested in some particular features not mentioned here, please email us on

General features

  • SSL certificates security
  • deployment on Intranet or Internet
  • practically unlimited number of users (depends on hardware and IIS concurrent users limitations)
  • seamless integration with other systems and business applications
  • no additional software requirement on client’s side except free Flash player and Internet Explorer
  • user can continue the exam at later time in a case of client system shutdown (this option can be enabled or disabled for every exam individually)
  • allow or disallow students to see question list
  • allow or disallow backward movement button
  • 4 question difficulty levels
  • different score for correct, incorrect and unanswered questions
  • negative or zero score for incorrect questions

Atendee features

  • jump to any question (if enabled in exam configuration)
  • move to previous question (if enabled in exam configuration)
  • graphic and numeric interpretation of time left for question (if question is time limited)
  • graphic and numeric interpretation of time left for exam (if exam is time limited)
  • finish exam option before answering all questions
  • unanswered questions alert when finishing exam
  • show question picture in new window (activates with click on a button)
  • uncheck answer for radio-button questions
  • both numeric and graphic exam report (if enabled in exam configuration)

Administration features

  • question types: radio-button, check box, fill in the blank, hot spot (flash template included), flash simulation, practically any type of question made with Adobe Flash
  • question creation with or without picture (radio-button, check box, fill in the blank)
  • atendee and administrator accounts creation for all admin roles (1 atendee and 4 different admin roles with different permissions)
  • exam groups
  • user groups
  • companies (unlimited number of companies or departmens can be created as independent entities)
  • random or linear question pools
  • excluding particular questions from given question pools
  • number of results and statistics reports (including question statistics and other data not related to particular exams)
  • statistical analysis of each questions result
  • survey questions and results analysis module



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