myQtest system is used by more than 50.000 users in many instances installed in universities, companies and other institutions for the past 5 years. System is designed and developed by Algebra, leading company for production of e-learning content and testing systems in Croatia. Here you can find listed organizations that used or purchased myQtest:

  • T-Com (Dutsche Telecom) with more than 30.000 users in the single instance. It is free public testing system integrated with portal located in Croatia, Europe –
  • Allianz – used to test employees
  • HVB Bank - used to test employees
  • Erste Insurance - used to test employees
  • IBM – used to test IBM ACE (Advanced Carrear Education) students
  • ECDL Foundation Dublin, Ireland, Europe – used as a formally approved ECDL test system
  • University of Zagreb, Croatia Faculty of Civil engineering and Faculty of Economics
  • Zaba bank (UniCredit group), Zagreb, uses myQtest to test employees after every education
  • Algebra POU (IT education company), Zagreb, uses myQtest for all exams
  • Tisak - used to test employees
  • DGU - used to test employees
  • Dalmacijacement - used to test employees
  • HAK (Croatian autoclub) - used in all Croatian driving schools. HAK DEMO is available here:
  • and many more...

Our philosophy is production of hi quality software solutions and our field of expertise for the past 10 years are learning solution and related products.

Implemented ISO 9001/2000 quality assurance standard and list of our international reference customers should stand as assurance that we are reliable partner who can help you improve your ECDL testing business.

Please fell free to contact us.



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